Sunday, 4 December 2011

Products I Used Before the Start of My Hair Journey that Will Never Touch my Hair Again

Before I started to really take care of my hair I had a number of products in rotation for a long time that I now know did more bad than good. These products will never touch my hair again and I advise those of you that are interested in the health of your hair to stay far away from them as well.

1. Lusters Pink Oil Moisturiser 

I can't believe that people still use this product. I think this is the worst offender. I used this product almost everyday thinking that I was doing good things to my hair but yet wondering why I looked like an oil slick all the time

2.Lets Jam

Why did i think this was better than gel?

3. Dr. Miracle's Gro Oil

I must admit I was fooled and bought into the hype. However, when I took a look at the ingredients in this product and did my research I came to my senses.

To me these product are the worst of the worst and will never touch my hair again.

What products did you use before you started to take care of your hair?


  1. LOL, I am guilty of keeping my little container of Let's Jam! I only use it on occasion though!!

    And girl, I am cringing at the thought of letting that Pink Lotion anywhere near my hair!!

  2. That Pink Lotion is the worst ever!! I still have nightmares about that product.