Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flat Ironing 101

Someone recently asked me how I get my hair so smooth when I flat iron it; so let me give you a few of my tips for achieving smooth, shiny hair.

The first step to getting smooth, sleek hair is to start with the right flat iron. You should purchase a flat iron with ceramic plates as they are less damaging to your hair. Irons that do not have ceramic plates can have hot spots that can burn sections of your hair. You should also purchase a flat iron that has controllable heat settings so that you can set it to the correct temperature for your hair type.

I use an Allure 1 inch flat iron with ceramic plates. This iron has an adjustable temperature gauge that ranges from 300° F to 425° F. I usually set the temperature to approximately 325° F.  I purchased this iron about 2 years ago and I believe that it works quite well.

Coarse, thick hair- 380 ° F
Wavy or Curly Hair- 350° F- 370° F
Medium, Straight Hair- 330° F- 350° F
Fine, Thin Hair- 300° F- 330° F

You should start with clean, freshly washed hair before you flat iron. I also suggest that you deep condition your hair in order to give your hair some moisture. Never try to straighten wet hair because this can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

 Spray a good heat protectant on your hair in order to minimise the chances of receiving heat damage. 

You should start from the back of your hair and pin up the top half and start with the lowest layers. 

Separate your hair into one inch sections and start ironing.

Use a comb directly in front of the iron when you pull the flat iron through your hair. This allows the hair to be evenly distributed across the iron's plates.  

Remember, movement is essential. Use even, fluid strokes along each section. Not holding heat in one place will prevent damage and deliver even results. 

Follow these tips and you are well on your way to have smooth and shiny hair.

Summer Nails

Summmer is almost here so its time to break out the bright nail colours. Over the last few weeks I have been wearing the brightest shades that I could get my hands on.

For summer OPI is introducing their Texas Collection. This collection is based on several colours that just scream summer. There are several corals and pinks that remind me of ripe fruit. This collection also includes 6 sorbet shades which are semi- sheer, jelly, high gloss finishes. 

I am most interested in trying out the sorbet finishes since I have never tried that type of nail polish before. I have high hopes for these sorbet shades. They look very bright and punchy and they are definitely summery.

Friday, 22 April 2011


Who said that bronzer was only for those of the fairer complexion? Bronzer can save dark skin from a world of evils. It may be used to achieve that bronzed goddess glow or it can be a subtle stand in for foundation.

Bronzer should be added along the bridge of your nose, on the apples of your cheeks, and the top of your cheekbones in order to achieve a gorgeous, natural outdoorsy glow. Just remember that less is more and use a light hand when applying your bronzer. I like to layer bronzer and blush since I find that this gives a really great depth of colour.

If you have darker skin, pick a shade two tones darker than your skin tone and use it to highlight your cheekbones. Pick a brown-based bronzer to look the most natural. Ones that are more orange-based will look cakey by the end of the day.

Those with oily skin should opt for powder bronzers and should stay away from the liquid formulations that are best suited for dry skin.


Fashion Inspiration

I get a lot of fashion inspiration from street style blogs. These blogs show the fashions of real people and their interpretation of the trends. I draw a lot of fashion inspiration from these blogs and I like to see how people take the looks that we see coming down the runway and make them their own.

There are a few street style blogs that are in my weekly reading list. These include:

These blogs show the fashion point of view of fashionistas all over the world and I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ebay Finds

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely addicted to Ebay. I seriously have a problem. There are just so many things to purchase.

One of my latest Ebay finds is this jacket.

I absolutely love this vintage jacket but I have no idea how I should wear it but I have to have it. The crystal and pearl detail caught my eye and made me fall in love with this jacket.

I need to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe and I decided not to purchase any more black pieces for a little while but I really cant let this jacket go.


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Trend Alert: Wedges

I am a firm believer that a girl can never have too many shoes and I believe that now is the perfect opportunity to add a few new pairs to your wardrobe.Wedges have become the new wardrobe must have for summer. They are so versatile and easy to wear and can be paired with virtually anything. Lets not forget that they are oh so comfortable to wear. Your feet will certainly thank you for the break that you will be giving them from teetering around on those stiletto heels. There are countless options to choose from at all price points.Whether you prefer wood, cork or braided styles you should certainly add a pair of wedges to your wardrobe.

Here are a few pairs that I am absolutely in love with:


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Miracle Worker

As you all know I am absolutely hair obsessed and I am always on the look out for the new products to add to my arsenal. Let me introduce you to my latest find Kemi Oyl.

I first heard about this product from watching a couple of the ladies on Youtube and I decided to give it a try. I found this product in my favourite beauty supply store and I believe that I have struck gold. First of all, let me say that I absolutely love this product, it does everything that it claims.

The smell kinda reminds me of soap but it is not over bearing. I use this oil to seal my hair as well as to air dry and it really helps to keep the frizz at bay. After I apply this oil my hair is super shiny and moisturised. This is quite a heavy oil so a little goes a long way. I only use about three drops of this oil for my entire head.

My only concern about this product is the fact that the ingredients are not listed ANYWHERE. I guess the company that makes this really wants to protect their secret recipe.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

New Shoes

I have just purchased these awesome shoes from Ebay and I can't wait for them to arrive. These shoes are inspired by Charles Anastase s/s 2009 collection and I love them sooooo much. I can't wait to wear them and I already have a few ideas on how I am going to wear them.

Untitled by Stephanie295 featuring juicy couture dresses

Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Secret Addiction

I have a serious addiction to lip balm. I hate for my lips to have that dry, crusty feeling. Yuck!! I was a loyal Chapstick user for many years until I found Nivea Lip Care SOS Lip Balm.

I tried this product merely on a whim and I can safely say now that I have to replace my beloved Chapstick with this product. The Nivea Lip Care SOS Lip Balm immediately quenches my thirsty lips with out making them feel greasy and does not have a very strong scent like many other lip balms but the smell is quite light and subtle. This is great because  some of the other lip balms in the market are so strongly scented that they make me feel nauseous. I am really glad that I discovered this product.



Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cheapies but Goodies

I love a bargain just as much as the next girl and in these though economic times any potential money saving  tips are certainly welcomed. There are several inexpensive products that can be added to your beauty and hair care routine in order to help you to save some money. Don't sleep on these products people.

St. Ives' Apricot Scrub


I really love this inexpensive scrub from St. Ives. It really does a great job on my oily, break out prone skin. I use this scrub about 3 times a week and it leaves my skin feel smooth and fresh each time. This is your basic facial scrub without all the bells and whistles but it certainly gets the job done.

Witch Hazel


This is a really old school product that many of you have probably seen in your grandmother's medicine cabinet. However, this product has several wonderful uses and can be found in many stores across he island. I use Witch Hazel as a toner and astringent after facial cleansing as well as after I shave in order to soothe razor burn.

 Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask

This is another old school, inexpensive product that is quite effective. I use this product at least once a week after cleansing in order to clear blackheads and shirk enlarged pores. After the mask is removed your skin will feel smooth and refreshed and instantly toned and tightened.

VO5 Clarifying Conditioner

As part of my hair regimen I clarify once per month in order to remove any product build up and to thoroughly cleanse my hair. I have found that this product is quite effective in doing this job. After I use this my hair has that squeaky clean feeling but i must remember to deep condition my hair after i use this product because clarifying shampoos tend to dry out your hair.
Coconut Oil

I love, love this product. It is so inexpensive but multifunctional. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser for my face and body, as a sealant after I moisturise my hair and it is also good as an eye make up remover.I also use coconut oil as part of my oil blend for oil cleansing. You can get so many uses from one bottle of coconut oil. it really is one of my favourite oils.
I hope this information was helpful.



Monday, 4 April 2011

Preparing for Bed

Ladies, I need your help!! Since I have started wrapping my hair at night I have been experiencing some breakage on the left side of my head. I really do not want to have a set back after all of my hard work.

What can I do to solve this problem? Any suggestions? How should I prepare my hair for bed?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hey guys I just wanted to quickly show you what I wore today to run some errands. This look was inspired by a look that I saw here.

This skirt was purchased several years ago in St. Lucia and I have not worn it in a long time. I thought today would  be a good one to dig it out of my closet. The bag I am wearing was  purchased from a little store in Spain on my trip there last summer. Its functional enough to hold the mountain of stuff that I carry on a daily basis yet stylish enough to be presentable.

Notice that my skirt and nail polish match exactly. I swear it was not intentional.




Today has been  a dark day for my family. My uncle is seriously ill and has been in the ICU since last night.

The illness of a family member forces you to put aside all the craziness that comes with the usual family  gatherings. The next few days are critical and I really hope that all goes well and he pulls through.

With a heavy heart

Saturday, 2 April 2011

New Shoes!!

Ladies, for those of you that don't know, let me tell you; I love shoes!

I have been searching for a nice pair that I can wear to work forever and I found these on Thursday at the mall. Of course I wore them on Friday and they were super comfortable.

I just could not resist them.

I know that they are not your usual, classic pump that every one wears to work but hear me out. I live in the Caribbean and the majority of the companies here require their employees to wear uniforms. That makes it easy in the morning to decide on what I am going to wear that day but unfortunately I have very little room to express my personal style. I can only do this through my shoes and bags so every opportunity I get to add a little funk to my uniform I take it.

Ladies, tell me how you add a little of your style to those boring uniform.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Fashion Friday

This weekend I will be going to one of my girlfriend's baby shower/ house warming and I have narrowed my outfit down to two choices. Right now I am really feeling my black blazer, it really has the ability to pull any outfit together and just take it to the next level. These outfits are based on a monochromatic colour palette with little hints of colour.

I love these red pumps! They just add the right pop of colour to any outfit.

Tell me what you think of these outfit ideas in the comments section.