Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flat Ironing 101

Someone recently asked me how I get my hair so smooth when I flat iron it; so let me give you a few of my tips for achieving smooth, shiny hair.

The first step to getting smooth, sleek hair is to start with the right flat iron. You should purchase a flat iron with ceramic plates as they are less damaging to your hair. Irons that do not have ceramic plates can have hot spots that can burn sections of your hair. You should also purchase a flat iron that has controllable heat settings so that you can set it to the correct temperature for your hair type.

I use an Allure 1 inch flat iron with ceramic plates. This iron has an adjustable temperature gauge that ranges from 300° F to 425° F. I usually set the temperature to approximately 325° F.  I purchased this iron about 2 years ago and I believe that it works quite well.

Coarse, thick hair- 380 ° F
Wavy or Curly Hair- 350° F- 370° F
Medium, Straight Hair- 330° F- 350° F
Fine, Thin Hair- 300° F- 330° F

You should start with clean, freshly washed hair before you flat iron. I also suggest that you deep condition your hair in order to give your hair some moisture. Never try to straighten wet hair because this can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

 Spray a good heat protectant on your hair in order to minimise the chances of receiving heat damage. 

You should start from the back of your hair and pin up the top half and start with the lowest layers. 

Separate your hair into one inch sections and start ironing.

Use a comb directly in front of the iron when you pull the flat iron through your hair. This allows the hair to be evenly distributed across the iron's plates.  

Remember, movement is essential. Use even, fluid strokes along each section. Not holding heat in one place will prevent damage and deliver even results. 

Follow these tips and you are well on your way to have smooth and shiny hair.

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  1. I purchased a ceramic plate flat iron from Courts a few years back in an effort to get myself to wear my hair open more often. Well, if I used it 3 times, that's a lot, simply because I couldn't get it to glide smoothly through my hair, thus creating "crimps" and bumps. I will take your advice and try again.