Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cleaning Your Make Up Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes should become a regular part of your routine. This is necessary in order to remove bacteria, old make up, dirt, oil and dead skin cells. One of the benefits that you will receive from engaging in proper brush care is longer lasting brushes. Frequent cleaning also helps to prevent break outs  that can be caused by the debris on dirty brushes.

How often should you clean your make up brushes? I believe once a week is adequate.

Instead of buying brush cleaner is use a mild shampoo and conditioner to clean my brushes. I find that the bristles are really soft afterwards. However, if you do not want to use shampoo and conditioner you can use liquid hand soap or castile soap. Always use lukewarm water to wash your brushes, never hot water as this can destroy your brushes. Another tip is to keep the brush hairs pointing downwards during this process.

After you wash your brushes you should reshape them and allow them to dry completely by laying them flat on a paper towel.

Keeping your brushes in good condition will help to ensure that you have many years of good use.

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