Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best Drugstore Nail Polishes

Like most of you out there I thin I have a healthy obsession with my nails and nail polish. In order to get my quick fix I generally tend to purchase drugstore brands and there are a few brands out there that I go back to all the time. These are Kleancolor, L.A Colors and Color Club.

Although I love each of these brands, they have their own unique personalities.


Pros: Wide range of colours, highly pigmented, long wear
Cons: Slow drying

L.A Colors

Pros: Wide rang of colours, quick drying
Cons: Several coats required for even film, some re-coating is required

Color Club

Pros: Highly pigmented, long wear, quick drying
Cons: Does not produce a high shine finish

 Don't sleep on these brands people because they can help you achieve your nail polish fix on a budget.

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