Sunday, 16 October 2011

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Have any of you tried this product?

I purchased this at the drug store because I could find my beloved Revlon Colourstay. In case you didn't know, I am not a department store foundation girl. I believe that there are great foundations that can be found at the drug store.

My shade in Colourstay is Mahogany and the closest colour to this in the Dream Liquid Mousse is Cocoa. Although this colour appears slightly less yellow than the Colourstay I can work with it. 

I quickly tried this foundation when I got home and I really like the light airy texture and the dewy look that it gave my skin. I have not given this product a full test run but I will wear it to work tomorrow and let you guys know it performed. I read a few mixed reviews over at Makeup Alley and hopefully I will be one of those that gives this product a thumbs up.

I will let you know how this product works for me.

FOTD using Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

lol I just realised that I need to blend out my forehead more. Anyway, you guys get the picture.


  1. You are so beautiful!

    I have this foundation & I loooooooove it!

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  3. Thank you Melany...hugs. I am growing to love this foundation as well