Sunday, 28 October 2012

Thickening Those Edges and Other Stuff

As part of my renewed hair care and growth journey I have been taking better care of my edges; especially those on the left side of my head. This side of my head just looks a little thinner than the right and I want full, thick edges.

During one of my many visits to the beauty supply store I came across this product.

After reading the label and remembering some of the good things that I read about Profectiv products, I decided to give it a try. I know that is not a huge surprise to you. PJism in full effect.

I also bought some other goodies for my hair; Kemi Oyl and flexi rods.

I bought the flexi rods to do a rod set on this weave that I am wearing. I will take pics of the results in the morning. Hopefully it comes out the way that I want it to. I have also decided to reincorporate Kemi Oyl into  my regimen. I have decided to go back to the products that I used when my hair was at its healthiest.

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