Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Set Backs

My hair has really come a long way since my days of the short crop however, I have been noticing some short pieces around my hairline. Arrrgh! I am sure this is from wrapping my hair every night. In order to halt this breakage in its tracks I am now employing a nightly routine of castor oil and peppermint oil on my edges.
I am now also on a quest to find a healthier way to prepare my hair at night.

I came across these videos by MsTrulyBlessed88 on Youtube where she showed how she prepares her hair for bed along with her technique for achieving soft, bouncy curls in the morning.

This method seems fairly easy and I really like the bouncy curls that she was able to achieve in the morning. I will test drive this method and I will let you know how it turns out.

I have tried this method and I have to say that I like the results. Instead of using flexi rods I used large rollers.
   The most difficult part of the process is forming the curls after the take down with my Denman brush. I guess I need some more practice

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