Thursday, 24 November 2011

Achieving that Shine

Last night my mother complained that her hair has a very dull appearance and asked for my help on how to achieve shiner hair. I gave her a few of my tips that I will share with you.

1. Go easy on the amount of product you apply to your hair. Hair products, especially creamy moisturisers should be applied sparingly and only as needed.

2.Restore the heath of your. If your hair is damaged no amount of shine serum will allow you to achieve shiny hair.

3 Clarify at least once a month

4. Use an apple cider vinegar rinse as your last rinse during the washing process.

5. Eat properly. Lay off the toxic junk food.

Some people would say that you can add a shine serum to you regimen but personally I hate those products. All the ones I have used before either make my hair too dry or I feel like I am walking around with an oil slick on my head.

I hope this was helpful.

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