Sunday, 19 February 2012

How I Care for my Short Hair

Since I cut my hair my hair care regimen has not changed drastically but I have incorporated a few steps and new products.

Shampoo and Conditioners
I mix the Giovanni 50: 50 Balanced Hydrating- Calming Conditioner with Pantene Restoratives Conditioner because I do not like how my hair feels when I just use the Giovanni conditioner.

Protein Treatments 
I usually do a light protein treatment once a week

Deep Conditioners
These are my favs!!

Leave Ins
I mold my hair into the shape that I will be wearing for the week with Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse before I go under the hooded drier.I really like this brand.
Others that I have tried previously make my hair dry and crispy.

L- R: Hot Oil Treratment, Wrap Strips, Hair Paste, Straightening Creme

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