Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Hair Growth Journey

Since I have decided to grow out this pixie cut and go back to my long hair I thought it would be fun to take you guys along for the journey. The last time I did this it took me approximately one year to go from a pixie cut to shoulder length. This is going to be a long journey.

I will be posting regular updates about my progress. I am really not looking forward to going through the awkward stage where my hair is too long to be a pixie cut but too short to be a bob. Ugh!

To achieve my hair goals I will be bringing out the big guns. I will be using a scalp mix to assist with my hair growth. This mix will contain olive oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and cayenne pepper and will be applied to my hair three times per week. This will be done in conjunction with my usual weekly regimen.

Hopefully I won't have any major setbacks. I will let you know how its going for me.

Wish me luck guys!!