Sunday, 17 June 2012

Trouble Spots

For the last five years I have been dealing with two patches of hair on either side of my nape after a bad experience with a glue in weave. These spots refuse to behave themselves no matter how special I treat them. Argh..... it makes me so mad!!

This area tends to be drier, thinner and more fragile but it can feel coarser to the touch than the rest of my hair and simply refuses to grow as well. 

Since I still holding out hope that these follicles have not been damaged beyond repair, I will be embarking on a plan to revive them. Over the next few months I will be paying special attention to this area in an effort to see increased health. I will soon be getting a sew in so I will not have to manipulate that area very much. I will also try to keep it moisturised in addition to applying my hair growth mixture to this area. I am also considering relaxing this area less frequently than the remainder of my hair in my quest to achieve more thickness.

Time to get this part of my hair up to scratch. The work begins now.

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