Sunday, 12 August 2012

Caring for Your Relaxed Hair While Exercising

Recently, I have decided to get my body in shape and increase my fitness. So it goes without saying that I will be increasing the amount of exercise that I do. However, even though I want to be healthy I still want to keep my hair looking good.

Many of us relaxed heads do not like to exercise for fear of ruining their hair style. Many ladies prefer to wash/ cowash their hair after a workout, sometimes our busy schedules just do not allow this so here are a few tips that will help yo to retain your style while benefiting from a great workout.

1. Prepare your hair before your workout. Either pull your hair back into a ponytail or wrap your hair and tie it down with a silk scarf.

2. During your work out. Invest in a head band to keep sweat away from your hairline (I know its a little Jane Fonda-ish but they work) or ensure to continually wipe excess sweat from your face.

3. After your workout. Remove your head band or untie the scarf and allow your hair to completely air dry before unwrapping your hair or taking down your ponytail.

4. To clean and refresh your scalp without washing you may use witch hazel as a cleansing agent. Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply to your roots.  

5. Apply some lightweight serum to your hair to smooth the ends of your hair and style as usual.

Now you have no excuse not to exercise.


  1. Thank you !!!!! So needed this post :)

  2. Your welcome. I am happy that I helped.