Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ladies, what is your summer make up routine? Do you wear your usual layers of make up in the warmer months? Well, I certainly don't. When it's hot out side I usually stick to minimal, barely there makeup. I skip the heavy foundation and only wear a tinted moisturiser. However, the tinted moisturiser that I wear is my own recipe. It's cheap and it does the job brilliantly.

First I cover my undereye dark circles and any blemishes with concealer before I apply the tinted moisturiser. Then, on the back of my hand I mix a pea sized amount of my favourite moisturiser (Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser) with a pea sized of foundation (Revlon ColourStay Foundation), along with a dusting of bronzer to give me that glowing look. The look is then completed with a two coats of mascara and lipgloss. 

My summer make up look is light and easy to wear all day and can be achieved in only five minutes.

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