Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Long Time No See

I know I have been MIA for a long time but life just got in the way. My new job keeps me extremely busy so I haven't been doing much of anything else. Fortunately I have been able to keep up with my hair regimen and I haven't made any significant changes to it because its simplicity works for me.

Since I have been on the hunt for a good leave in for a little while and I recently stumbled across this product in my local BSS.

Yes ladies it's Beautiful Textures Leave in Conditioner!!

I have walked pass these products with their attention grabbing packaging so many times but never stopped to take a closer look.

When I finally looked at this product I liked what I saw. Take a look at the ingredients list below

This product contains many of the ingredients that my hair likes so I decided to give it a try.

 I have only used this product twice so it is too early to provide a full review. However, my first impressions of this product are positive. So far I would say this product is a good basic leave in. Since this product contains so much oil I try to use it very sparingly but I believe I am now forced to increase the amount of this product that I add to my hair because I am yet to obtain that soft buttery feel that I am accustomed to with HELTR. Although my hair is not hair and crunchy when I air dry, I am not in love yet.

Have any of you tried this product?

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